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Why Choose Advise Legal Consultancy?

Advise Legal Consultancy is a visa and immigration consultancy company based in the South West London area we are located in Ham, Richmond region of London. We specialize in below-listed services:

  • The UK Visa and Immigration Consultancy services in the UK immigration rules and ensure our clients secure their UK Visa and British Citizenship approvals such as visit, study, work, employment, family, settlement, business and sponsorship applications.
  • Schengen and National EU-European Union Countries Visa consultancy services to anyone who would like to enter EU countries under visit, study, work, employment, family, settlement and business visas.
  • Visa consultancy services for the rest of the World countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, Japan etc. for any type of visa category.
  • Business development consultancy services for SMEs in the UK 

We proudly offer above mentioned consultancy services to our clients at all times while maintaining our reputation for always securing our client’s UK and other countries' visa approvals. 

In the light of the past 25 years of practical and vocational experiences in the international visa and immigration sector since 1997, we have been providing our high qualified and reliable legal consultancy services to our clients with 98% success of visa approvals in all types of visa categories in the UK and worldwide.

We do appreciate that each client has a unique set of circumstances and requirements for their visa and immigration matters which often require bespoke solutions that we do offer them all. As we believe that each unique set of circumstances of visa matters needs to be determined separately and differently in preparation and application. More than 25 years of vocational experience in the legal consultancy sector, would allow us to provide unique solutions to each of our clients’ requirements.

We welcome you to Advise Legal Consultancy to assist you in securing a successful outcome with your UK Visa and immigration applications and are carefully weighing up your options in the right solutions.

We look forward to legally representing you in your visa and immigration matters.

Bülent Bahçetepe